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Organic Black Butte Chickpeas®

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These very special chickpeas are unique to Timeless and are an extremely versatile product with a delicate aroma and subtle flavor profile.

And did we say nutritious? Oh my! Our latest nutrition testing gave us these results: low fat, no cholesterol, high fiber, extremely low sodium and low natural sugar, and - a real protein punch, with an added kick of iron and potassium. An ideal plant-forward protein for any meal.

When you buy our beautiful Black Butte Chickpeas®, you will occasionally find what looks like a white seed. Look closely, that’s actually a chickpea that has cracked open; the inside is creamy white.

Soak overnight and cook for about 30 minutes, or allow one hour to cook at a low simmer.

Available in 14-ounce packages, 10-pound bags and 25-pound bags.

Black Butte Chickpeas® is a trademark of Timeless Seeds, Inc.

Read the Black Butte Chickpeas nutrition label here.

Please Note: Produced in a facility that also processes wheat.